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07   Jesse Rich Ministries TV Broadcast 07
08   Jesse Rich Ministries TV Broadcast 08
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10   Jesse Rich Ministries TV Broadcast 10
11   Jesse Rich Ministries TV Broadcast 11
12   Jesse Rich Ministries TV Broadcast 12
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To view these Television Broadcasts, your computer MUST have Windows Media Player software installed. These TV Broadcasts are BEST suited for  computers that have  500 Mhz or faster Central Processing Unit (CPU). The computer must have Broadband [cable] or DSL high speed connection to access the Internet. Cable or DSL (Broadband) will provide the BEST video and audio quality.

Also, depending on Resources in your PC, and the amount of Internet Bandwidth you may be limited in Processor or RAM capacity. Therefore, it is best to switch off any other programs, particularly the ones that demand a lot from your PC's processor resources or your Internet Connection (ie: Email Programs, Skype, other Messenger Software, and make sure no other Downloads or Updates are going on. CLOSE every possible program that is running on your computer - Right click on programs [and click Exit] on the right side of the lower tool bar).

If your computer uses a 56K (Dial-up) modem to access the Internet - your download time can more than SIX minutes to view a ten minute TV broadcast segment. Click on ONLY the programs above that are labeled for 56k Dial-up modems. The TV broadcast may NOT be of high quality due to the speed or other limitations of your modem, video card, and/or CPU. The audio will be the same quality as the  AUDIO - Radio Broadcasts  or  AUDIO - Seminar Teachings. The  Audio is optimized for modems with 56K download speed.

The quality of TV broadcast viewed on a Laptop screen will not be as sharp as  TV broadcast viewed on a desktop monitor.

The Technical instructions to hear the AUDIO - Radio Broadcasts  or  AUDIO - Seminar Teachings are useful for the TV broadcasts also. If you are having trouble viewing the TV broadcast -  Click Here for Technical Assistance.

Is Your Web Browser NETSCAPE??
Is your Internet Service Provider (ISP) AOL  or  CompuServe??

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