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.                         2004
January 2004 Divine Healing - God's Will For You
February2004 God Kind of Love
May 2004 God Wishes Above All Things...
June 2004 Why We Preach the Word of Faith

July 2004  

Being Filled With The Holy Spirit
September 2004  Checklist For Divine Health
October 2004  Are YOU Praying & Interceding?
November 2004  Sharing the Salvation Message
. 2005
January 2005 Starting the Year out on the right...
February 2005 Putting the Word of God First
March 2005 See Yourself Possessing the Promises
April 2005 God's Children Aren't Poor!
May 2005 Are You Getting Abundant Results...
June 2005 Being Covenant Minded
July 2005 God's Prosperity Principles
August 2005 By Whose Stripes Ye Were Healed...
September 2005 First of All
October 2005 Praying to God in Jesus' Name
November 2005 Born-Again
December 2005 Confessing Jesus As Your Savior
. 2006
January 2006 Presenting Jesus To The Sinner
February 2006 The Word of FAITH
March 2006 The Word, The Holy Spirit...
April 2006 Miracles Through Tithing and Giving
May 2006 Miracles Are From God
June 2006 Believing What God Said in His Word
July 2006 Using Our Authority in God's Word
August 2006 Church Talk vs. Word Talk
November Praise The Lord
January Financial
February God Gave us His Word
March Speak the Truth in Love
April Your Choice
May Your Words and Your Authority
June God Wants You Healed
July Divine Healing
August Being Led By the Spirit
September Divine Healing, Purchased
October Praying in Tongues
November Because of Jesus, You Already Have it ALL!
February Believing Gods Word for Your Healing and Prosperity
January Need A Miracle




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